How to update parque format_version locally?


So, we are having an issue with one table in our ETL process stacking parque files.

The question is, at DMS we can set parquet format_version 1_0 or 2_0, How this change can impact production and there is a form that I can update the version locally? I've already downloaded the files but can't find a way to update the version


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you can try using pyarrow which could change the version

import pyarrow as pa
import pyarrow.parquet as pq

# Read Parquet file (version 2.0)
table = pq.read_table('input.parquet')

# Write Parquet file (version 1.0)
pq.write_table(table, 'output.parquet', version='1.0')

answered 23 days ago
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