Adding a Dolby Atmos ADM file to a Video to create a DD+POC MP4 with sound and image


Hi, we've successfully converted our Dolby Atmos ADM's to Dolby Atmos MP4's, but when we try to do add a video we run into trouble. If anyone could point us in the right direction, we'd be very grateful.

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Creat an S3 storage folder called something like atmosfiles. Upload the videoi and audio files to this folder. Launch MediaConverter Run a Job. Give Access to the S3 folders using AWS integration – left side panel Job Settings. Create a service role . Under create Service role control choose Create a new service role, configure permissions

New role name Use default MediaConvert_Default_Role Link S3 locations for input and output.

Next define the inputs. Under create job. Inputs Add the video wav file And the select external audio file and add the audio Dolby file

Output. Add a file group. Select the destination S3 folder atmosfiles Click on the File group name
Go to the video section and expand it. Add Max bitrate of 5000000 Go to the Audio Section Under Audio codec choose Dolby Digital Plus JOC (atmos) Change the bitrate to 768.

Run the job. Worked for me.

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