Transferring the Amazon connect contact while waiting for the Agent in the Queue


once the caller is Transferred to Queue, how do i forward him to a phone number if he is more than 30 seconds in the queue. is this possible?

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this can be done in some way but not exactly on the current time in queue.

A good way to make this decision is based on the oldest call in the Queue. First you will set which Transfer-to-Queue Contact Flow you want to use. In that Transfer-to-Queue Flow you can use the following blocks:

  • Get queue metrics
  • Use the Check contact attributes block to check the metrics of the queue for oldest call waiting
  • If the oldest call waiting is above your threshold you can route the call externally by using the transfer to phone number block

This way you can route that call externally before it have to wait for your threshold at all.

You can also loop for the threshold in the Transfer-to-Queue flow and exit there after the threshold has been reached. Another way would be to use a Lambda function to create an item in e.g. DynamoDB linked to your contactId together with a timestamp. This will allow you to use another Lambda function to calculate the current time in Queue and make the routing decision based on the calculation.

More generally spoken it's a good practice to make such routing decision before customer being placed in a waiting loop. This will allow you to create a good customer experience by not having your customer waiting to met a specific threshold.

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