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Inspector2 - Everyone of my ec2 instances has had "Internal Error" now for weeks.


Inspector2 was working great for a couple on months. Then at some point every instance went into "internal Error" state. Clicking the ? button shows

Inspector has encountered an internal error for this resource. Inspector service will automatically resolve the issue and resume the scanning. No action required from the user.

But it has been weeks. I don't pay for technical support so reaching out here to see if anyone else is experiencing this?

EC2 instances are Amazon Linux 2 with a mix of arm64 and amd64. All patching is up to date. Rebooting doesn't change anything. The amazon agent installed is working for all other use-cases

1 Answer

I disabled inspector completely and re-enabled. Then it started working again. One thing I noticed now is the % of accounts covered has changed. There is a chance that adding an account to the organization might cause issues.

Luckily disabling and re-enabling didn't delete my suppression rules.

answered 5 months ago

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