SES Blocked at Recipient by Barracuda Reputation - IP


I have had 12 emails blocked in the past 24 hours by Barracuda due to a "poor" reputation level. This "poor" reputation has been validated by going to and submitting the IP address.

Example message within the NDR: Client host [] blocked using Barracuda Reputation;

I have attempted to remove the IP by submitting a removal request to Barracuda, but since this IP is in a pool of SES IPs I will likely continue to see this message again. If someone at AWS is watching this discussion group, can you please have the technical team either get with Barracuda and straighten it out, or remove this IP from the US-EAST-1 SES pool?

Thanks, Timm Z.

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Unfortunately as I expected, I received a non-answer. The "answer" provided does not address the question/issue AT ALL.

The only way I would have the information in the question posted is to have SES monitoring enabled. Therefore, either Abhishek At AWS is either a bot, or did not read the actual issue.

I will set up Dedicated IPs to resolve the issue.

answered 9 months ago

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