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When I add Set Call Recording Behavior the conversation is stored in S3 with
Contact-id_timestamp.wav format file.

I can get the contact-id when the call start by Amazon connect stream API(contact.getContactId())
is there a way we can get the timestamp so that I can save the exact file name in my internal DB so that I can retrieve the file with the exact name from s3.

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Hi Siddiq,

The right way to do this would be to get this from the Contact Trace Record via the Kinesis stream/firehose. In this JSON object you a Recording Object:

"Recording": {
"DeletionReason": null,
"Location": "mybucket/connect/vf-connect-demo/CallRecordings/2019/02/13/e2e44c3e-9d27-41b7-b581-247f83789bb2_20190213T10:13_UTC.wav",
"Status": "AVAILABLE",
"Type": "AUDIO"

The time stamp is HH:MM, but this is when the system connected it to the agent.

More info on data:


answered 5 years ago

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