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/About expecific metric in rds aws/

About expecific metric in rds aws


Today, we have the metric of the number of total connections. On the monitoring / DB connections tab within the RDS/database.

For that, I didn't see in the database options, a historical metric for mysql users/schemas connected over, for example, 30 days.

Does this metric exist?

Because today, after a delivery of fixes, the connections were up there and there was this questioning if there was already this behavior.

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hunn Ok Syd, but I know about this metric and its not I want , because in my case I need to know about which user and the amount of which users are connected

answered a month ago
  • Apologies then. Interpreted your query incorrectly.


Historical metrics for RDS should be available.

Within the Monitoring -> DB Connection tab itself you can select the TimeRange of 2 weeks from the drop down

Alternate is to check in Cloudwatch -> Metrics -> All Metrics -> RDS -> Per-Database Metrics. Select the DatabaseConnections metric for the database you want to check. On the top you can select the Custom time range and select the range you want.

More details about cloudwatch metrics retention can be found here. Look for the Metrics retention section within


answered a month ago

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