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EC2 instance mac2.metal stuck in "shutting-down" state


From the GUI and cli I get the same response.

CLI output: aws ec2 stop-instances --instance-ids i-0ba5424afee138ef5 --force

An error occurred (IncorrectInstanceState) when calling the StopInstances operation: This instance 'i-0ba5424afee138ef5' is not in a state from which it can be stopped.


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Hi THere

When you stop a Mac instance, the instance remains in the stopping state for about 15 minutes before it enters the stopped state.

When you stop or terminate a Mac instance, Amazon EC2 performs a scrubbing workflow on the underlying Dedicated Host to erase the internal SSD, to clear the persistent NVRAM variables, and to update to the latest device firmware. This ensures that Mac instances provide the same security and data privacy as other EC2 Nitro instances. It also enables you to run the latest macOS AMIs. During the scrubbing workflow, the Dedicated Host temporarily enters the pending state. On x86 Mac instances, the scrubbing workflow may take up to 50 minutes to complete. On M1 Mac instances, the scrubbing workflow may take up to 110 minutes to complete. Additionally, on x86 Mac instances, if the device firmware needs to be updated, the scrubbing workflow may take up to 3 hours to complete.

In any of those cases, you are not billed while the instance is in the pending and stopping state.


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answered 21 days ago
  • Thank you! New to the mac instances on AWS. This makes sense.

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