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How do I get send to zip to work?


I have an app stream image that includes Windows Explorer. Send to zip is broken there.

It is build on:

In the final image right-mouse, Send To on file/folder gives blank selection list.
It is fine in the Image Builder and in Image Test.

Creating zip files is critical to what I do and worked fine until I switched to Windows10 based server.

Googling around seems to indicate this can happen in Windows10 and solutions involve things requiring admin privileges which are of course not available to my image end users.

Has anyone else encountered this and discovered a solution?

I see there is a 12/12/19 basis image out there. It's kind of a pain to go that route unless I have some confidence this will fix the issue.



asked 3 years ago13 views
3 Answers

Hi PaulV45 -

I created a base image using AppStream-WindowsServer2019-09-18-2019, and then a new image with just Powershell. When I launch Explorer, I see the option in the right click menu. When I use "Send to Zip", it successfully creates the zip file, but Explorer didn't automatically refresh without the registry key mentioned in the other post ( I believe a portion of this is also saved in the Windows user profile, so app settings persistence may impact the experience. Try a streaming session with app settings persistence disabled.

Are you still seeing this issue?

Hope this helps.


answered 3 years ago

This problem went away in subsequent server releases.

answered 2 years ago

Problem went away in subsequent server releases.

answered 2 years ago

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