Can we use faceliveness rest APIs in any other language ?


Can we use faceliveness APIs which are shared in resources, to CreateSession, StartLivenessSession and to get result from any other language which supports RestAPI call. I am trying to get this integrated with Salesforce' Apex Language. The createSession rest api creates the session Id, but StartLivenessSession always fails via custom Rest API call.

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Yes, AWS service APIs can be used from any language if you use them at the REST layer.

You have then to properly structure and encode all parameters to match them,

The hard part is usually to get SigV4 right to sign those requests with valid AWS credentials. See

To avoid this pain, this project may be useful to you:

It is a good starting point to get wroking Apex code and extend it to faceliveness API. The repo doesn't seem to specify license. So, I'd suggest to reach the authors.



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  • I can manage to get AWS credential working fine. But as written earlier the CreateFaceLivenessSession rest api creates the session Id successfully, but StartLivenessSession always fails With a 200 HTTP code but with response body as

    { "Output": { "__type": "", "message": null }, "Version": "1.0" }

    This API has given this spec.

    But I am not sure why is AWS failing to recognize the service.

    I think "StartFaceLivenessSession" cannot be called from REST api, apart from supported AWS sdk. Please confirm this once, if you have any strong evidence for this.

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