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We migrate data views from a MongoDB collection into AWS with an Aurora MySQL table as the endpoint. In the migration task, all of the rows are being sent and logged as the target endpoint receiving the rows, but when I query the table it comes back with almost 400 less rows than expected. One issue I investigated is making sure the field that we use as the primary key holds unique values in the mongo data view, and as expected all values are unique. What other issues could possibly cause this to happen?

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  • Please check the task logs to see if there were any errors.

  • In some cases, DMS encounters errors when performing DML (INSERT) on the target endpoint, and this information is recorded in the dmslogs.awsdms_apply_exceptions table on the target endpoint. Thus, I would kindly suggest you to query the 'awsdms_apply_exceptions' table to check for any issues.

[+] Control table task settings -

Additionally, please refer to the documents below that would be helpful in troubleshooting the issue that you are facing :

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