How can I enable user home folder persistence for the Linux applications that we host using AppStream 2?


We have a handful of apps for users to consume in AppStream 2 that are running on Amazon Linux 2. I'd love to be able to offer users a persistent home folder similar to our Windows applications. Is this possible?

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Home folders are supported on Windows and Linux based fleets.

You can enable home folders in the stack settings. From the documentation:

Home folders are stored on fleet instances in the following default locations:

  • Non-domain-joined Windows instances: C:\Users\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder
  • Domain-joined Windows instances: C:\Users%username%\My Files\Home Folder
  • Linux instances: ~/MyFiles/HomeFolder
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  • This was super helpful, thanks to this link, I was able to configure a couple apps - DBeaver and Oracle SQL Developer in our stack for our SQL developers/DBAs to write to these paths via env variables and command line arguments.

    For those curious:

    AppStreamImageAssistant list-applications

    { "status": 0, "message": "Success", "applications": [ { "Name": "Terminal", "AbsoluteAppPath": "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal", "AbsoluteIconPath": "/usr/share/icons/gnome/256x256/apps/utilities-terminal.png" }, { "Name": "DBeaver", "AbsoluteAppPath": "/usr/bin/dbeaver-ce", "AbsoluteIconPath": "/usr/share/dbeaver-ce/dbeaver.png", "LaunchParameters": "-data /home/as2-streaming-user/MyFiles/HomeFolder/DBeaver" }, { "Name": "SQL_Developer", "AbsoluteAppPath": "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal", "AbsoluteIconPath": "/opt/sqldeveloper/icon.png", "LaunchParameters": "-- sqldeveloper'" } ] }

    I also patched in an environment variable in /etc/profile.d/ and /opt/sqldeveloper/, like so: export IDE_USER_DIR="$HOME/MyFiles/HomeFolder/SQL_Developer"

    Worked like a charm!

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