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Hi Team,

I have two RDS Postgres instances in Oregon and Ireland region Both RDS instances are on the engine version 9.6.12. We need to upgrade this version to Postgres engine version 13.3. We tired multiple ways to upgrade the database version upgrading first to minor version 9.6.22 to upgrading to major version 9.6.12. However, when preforming the minor version upgrade, it does not show the list of version available to upgrade in the versions and when trying to upgrade to another minor version, the parameter group for the RDS instance is grayed out. Therefore this is a blocker for us to upgrade the database.Enter image description here

The screenshot of the error is attached. Appreciate your guidance.

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You will not be able to do a minor version upgrade to 9.6.22 as Aurora version 9 is at end of support as shown here: "Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 1.X (compatible with PostgreSQL 9.6.XX) reached end of support on January 31, 2022." You should be able to do a major version upgrade to PostgreSQL 11 or higher

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Hey Zaharan,

There's a few points here but should be fairly easy to resolve:

  1. The reason you can't upgrade to 9.6.22 is because it is deprecated. So you'll need to upgrade to at least 11.9 if you are on Aurora, which from the error message it looks like you are. If you want to upgrade to version 13 the earliest version available is 13.4. You can confirm this by running this command: aws rds describe-db-engine-versions
    --engine aurora-postgresql
    --engine-version 9.6.12 \
    --query 'DBEngineVersions[].ValidUpgradeTarget[?IsMajorVersionUpgrade == true].{EngineVersion:EngineVersion}'
    --output text

  2. To upgrade you'll need to do this via the CLI instead of the Console. Follow this guide to ensure all requirements are met -

The command to upgrade is seen when you expand the AWS CLI toggle as seen below: aws rds modify-db-cluster
--db-cluster-identifier mydbcluster
--engine-version new_version

Hope that helps :)

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answered 2 days ago

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