Does eks use latest AMI version on termination of any node on restart of the node


Recently I got a doubt about my eks node os update, i wanted to check if eka is capable to relaunch node with latest version of os when any of its running terminated? For eg there are 5 node running and min 5 is required and set in autoscaling group and they were running from long time, so when I manually terminate one of the node so does it restart that node again with the latest version/patches of specificied AMI ? Or does it launch node with latest ami every time it restarts the node? Please let me know,

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Which version of the operating system is used is based on what is stored with the AMI of the underlying launch template of the Managed Node Group. No changes will be made to that process automatically without taking one of the steps below. AMIs are immutable. They can not receive OS updates without creating a new AMI. Managed Nodes Groups can be updated if a new version is available ( You can also customize the launch template (and therefore the AMI) of your managed node group ( If you will customize, a common better is to link EC2 Image Builder with your Launch Template:

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