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Accessing via API data of type FILE in QuickSight



I would like to update a Row Level Security rule by adding a new username using the Quicksight API. All RLS rules were initially created using the console and by uploading a file. Is it possible to update that file using the API? The datasource is set as FILE and i'm wondering if I can access and update that file via API. IF i can't, can I linked a RLS rule to a S3 file which i can update using the S3 api. thank you! G.

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Hi, @gm0x45.

Unfortunately it is not currently supported.

You need to use UpdateDataSet for updates, but its API doesn't support file type datasets.

I also need to use the DescribeDataSet to get the RowLevelPermission information in order to copy the rule to another dataset, but this API also doesn't support file type datasets.

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answered a month ago

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