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/My AWS Account is Compromised - 1000X Monthly Charge/

My AWS Account is Compromised - 1000X Monthly Charge


My AWS account is compromised - I don't really understand how this would happen for a platform like AWS, where many people have their business on it.

There are 1000x increases on billing due to the account being compromised. Billing dashboard shows continuing thousands of dollar charged even though turning off hundreds of instances started because of the account being compromised. I have already:

  • Reset password
  • Deleted all customized IAM roles
  • Removed all other IAM users

AWS has provided any updates on the billing adjustment. What should I do? I would literally be bankrupt because of billing of a compromised account.

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I sincerely apologize for the frustration this situation has caused. If you have an open support case regarding the account compromise I encourage you to continue working with our Support team through that case as we're unable to discuss account/case specifics on re:Post. You can also respond to the most recent email you've received from our Support Team.

Please bear in mind that cases like this require multiple teams to be engaged to find a resolution and it can take a little time based on workload and staffing.

If you'd like to speak to someone directly you can always request a call by updating the Contact Option of your case. If you Select Chat you will be able to connect with a Support Agent through chat. If you select Phone, you will be able to speak with someone on the phone. You can find the details here:

— Brian D.

answered a month ago
reviewed a month ago

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