Maintain Table and Column Case During Conversion


I can't figure out how to maintain table and column case when converting SQL Server Schema to Postgres.

I have tried settting

  • "Treat source database object names as case sensitive" = YES In the source database settings
  • "Avoid casting to lowercase for case-sensitive operations" = True in Conversion Settings

The help context states that "Treat source database object names as case sensitive" option is only valid if the Source Database Case Sensitivity is ON, however, that option is disabled. If the value of "Case Sensitivity" is coming from the collation settings of the source database, then I can't change that.

Every time I convert, the table and column names default to lowercase.

Update: I mounted and connected to a test database with a case-sensitive collation, however, the Case Sensitivity property on the Source still has a value of OFF. Perhaps I am daft, but I am not seeing anywhere in the documentation on how to override this value.


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Please note that SQL Server is, by default case insensitive.That being said that, case sensitivity in DMS selection rules depends on case sensitiveness of source. However, we can refer to below 3rd party article on "How to Check Case-Sensitivity in SQL Server" to check if case sensitivity has been enabled on database level or table level or column level.

answered a year ago
  • Thanks , I follow this comment only

  • Thanks for the answer. I attached a source with the collation set to _CS in one of my tests. I will try again. Maybe I missed something.

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