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We use CloudFlare for DNS management. We are considering moving this service to AWS's Route 53 service. However, we do not want to experience a possible outage. We look forward to your detailed support and suggestions.

Also we have a concern. Although general domain providers give a fixed some of NS (eg: -, we have observed that this is not the case in aws. What is the reason for this, is it any different from normal domain providers? Will we have a problem with this?

What do you think we should pay attention to?

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There is the step by step instruction to migrate DNS management in the AWS docs. Your can take a look here.

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answered 2 years ago

Regarding your second question, I assume you're asking why Amazon Route53 uses a different set of nameservers per zone by default. The reason is zones are shuffle-sharded on our infrastructure, you can find more details and a deep dive on the reasons here.

If you need a fixed set of nameservers, for example because you have external automation and don't want to run a direct API integration, you can create reusable Delegation Sets which will allow you to have different zones with the same set of NS.

answered 2 years ago

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