Loading YAML exercise is failing


Following an exercise for "Containerized Applications on AWS". https://aws-tc-largeobjects.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/DEV-AWS-MO-ContainersRedux/exercise-1-firstcontainer.html

For its first exercise it offered the following YAML: https://aws-tc-largeobjects.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/DEV-AWS-MO-ContainersRedux/downloads/exercise-containers.yml.

While trying to load it I get the following error: Enter image description here

It complains about: The following resource types are not supported for resource import: AWS::EC2::VPCGatewayAttachment I have not touched the YAML provided, therefore how can it fail?

There are no information with regard to, DeletionPolicy: Resources to import must have a DeletionPolicy attribute specified in the template

Where can I find the proper YAML for the exercise?

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Do you select "With new resources (standard)" when creating CloudFormation?
You must select this option to create a new resource.

I believe the error itself is similar to the one answered in the following Github issue.

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answered 10 months ago
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reviewed 9 months ago
  • Thank you, it worked. It is not obvious since the second choice in drop-down refers to Import. Hence I assumed the second choice is the correct one.

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