How can Gamelift server access a private API in VPC A which is in a different region?


HI, as per documentation of Gamelift, for VPC peering, you need both the fleet and VPC to be in the same region. However, In my case, I have a VPC A containing private API consumed by my private EC2s in eu-central-1. Now these APIs needs to be accessible for the fleet in ap-south -1. How can I achieve this without changing the endpoints/fleets to the same region as I already have a lot of resources consuming the endpoints. I am curious to know of any workaround for this bottleneck condition.

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I have provided some answers at the URL below.

I think it is possible to avoid this by combining PrivateLink, NLB, etc.
Simply put, the problem can be avoided if you can access EC2 in another VPC via a proxy.
In this case, the configuration uses NLB instead of a proxy.

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answered a month ago
  • Hi Thanks for the answer. but like I mentioned int the description, my target is a Private API gateway endpoint and not an EC2. How can I tackle the issue here? I want the private APi to be accessbile for the gamelift servers as well.

  • In that case, I think you should create a proxy server with EC2. a

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