LISTAGG on svv_redshift_columns - Gives error because it can only be run on compute nodes - Looking for a workaround


I am trying to perform a LISTAGG on svv_redshift_columns (below query), however I receive the error ERROR: One or more of the used functions must be applied on at least one user created tables. Examples of user table only functions are LISTAGG, MEDIAN, PERCENTILE_CONT, etc.

From a StackOverflow post, I learned that it is probably because LISTAGG can only be used on compute nodes, and svv_redshift_columns is on the leader node.

With that said, what would be the best workaround? I am thinking a stored procedure may be the best option to return the results that I need.


    listagg(column_name, ', ') within group (order by ordinal_position) as columns_combined
from svv_redshift_columns
group by schema_name, table_name;
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1 Answer

If this is a one-time thing then you can create a user table with the data. Once you have such table you should be able to execute the listagg function.

answered 8 months ago

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