Load balancer HTTPS to EC2 instance through HTTP


I'm a bit confused as to why things are not really working out here.

I have set up an AWS load balancer of type 'classic'. As a test I've set it up so that it listens to two EC2 instances running on port :8090, and I am currently getting the '2 of 2 instances in service' when looking at the load balancer information (HTTP health check on port :8090). For the load balancer listeners I have it set up in the following way:

  1. Load balancer protocol HTTP on port 8090 -> Instance protocol HTTP on port 8090
  2. Load balancer protocol HTTPS on port 443 -> Instance protocol HTTP on port 8090 with a certificate currently stored in the IAM

The security setting the for load balancer is accepting connections on 8090 and 443 while the security setting for the EC2 instances is accepting all connections from the load balancer.

Browsing to the load balancer on port :8090 properly returns the the application GUI that is running on the EC2 instance, port 8090. Browsing to the load balancer on port :443 however, simply gives me an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. What am I missing here?

All help is much appreciated!

// Jimmy

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Just me being silly trying to connect to it incorrectly, it works as expected...

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Realized there was no problem, just me trying to connect to it by typing [DNS]:443 instead of https://[DNS] in the browser...

answered 3 years ago

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