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Hello, I'm using AWS with Perforce to storage some projects. To free up some space I deleted one stream with a project in it (180GB) using the perforce oblitarate command.

After that the available space on the AWS volume is still 50GB, Is there a some kind of temporary trash to empty? I don't know where to check this informations.

Thanks for the help, Alessio

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Hello Alessio,

Thank you for the question.

The Perforce obliterate command is the correct action to clear up disk space.

I recommend making sure you are using the command correctly.

“p4 obliterate filename” does not actually destroy the file and its metadata. It just shows you what will happen. “p4 obliterate -y filename” is the correct command to permanently delete the file and its metadata.

I also recommend using Elastic Block Store (EBS) for block storage attached to an EC2 allows you to change volume size (disk size) and volume type (disk type) dynamically.

I hope this solves your issue. I have attached a documentation with some general good practices with Perforce.


This document is not affiliated with AWS but is a helpful resource.

answered 2 years ago

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