Failed to deploy with Leaderboard cloud gem



I tested with CloudGemSamples project, which included in the Starter Game on Lumberyard

First, I deployed with three cloud gems such as "Dynamic Content", "Player Account" and "Message of the day" without "Leaderboard cloud gem" for some reason and everything working fine.

Later, I added the "Leaderboard Cloud Gem" to the same project from the project configurator and deployed again.

As a result, I received following error message, even my account has Administrator privileges.

ERROR 'CloudGemSamples-Develop-CloudGemLeaderboard-2LLPGCNF0EBG' resource 'ScoreStreamReaderMapping' CREATE FAILED: Cannot access stream arn:******

I checked my account privileges with "Iam Policy Simulator", and confirmed all permissions have allowed.


Is there any extra permission required for that gem or did I do something wrong?


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Hi Soeda,

I was able to reproduce the error in Lumberyard 1.9.

I have filed an internal bug and I recommend this as a temporary solution.

Open the file:

Line: 337 "ResourceSuffix": "/stream/*"

Switch the resource suffix on the "MainTable" resource from

"ResourceSuffix": "/stream/*" to

"ResourceSuffix": "*/stream/*"

This will allow the Lumberyard Resource Manager to generate a proper Cloud Gem Leaderboard resource group.

I'll reply with a more secure suffix when our dev's look at it.



answered 5 years ago

Good Morning Soeda,

Let me see if I can reproduce that error this morning.

You definitely didn't do anything wrong. Typically you would enable the Cloud Gem Leaderboard, save, rebuild Lumberyard, and update your deployment stack.

I'll investigate.

Thanks for raising the issue! If you have run into it, I'm sure others have as well.


answered 5 years ago

Hi By the way, it will be nice to show the line number in the Cloud Canvas Resrouce Manager in the future update.

answered 5 years ago

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