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Product experimentation - best practices?


What are your best practices for quickly running product experiments? What tools or services are do your teams use to execute A/B or multi-variate tests? Any advice or resources for product managers just getting started with experimentation?

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Hello - Thanks for posting on the AWS re:Post platform.

Although I am not an expert in the field, I would like to provide my two cents on the matter here.

For testing/experimentation most of the resources would depend on the "type" of resources that you need - for example EC2s or RDS instances etc.

For EC2 - you can use spot instances with auto-scaling For RDS - again it depends on your DB tech need. But let's say in Aurora - Serverless is a good choice as it can scale as needed

For the other services involved, I think use of configs that provide auto (and seamless) scaling - keeping in mind the cost of the usage should be a good place to start - Hope this helps

answered 2 months ago

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