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Receiving an error message while trying to create an instance in Amazon Connect.


I am located in India and trying to launch Amazon connect instance in North Virginia region. Receiving below error while creating an instance. "An error occurred while creating vivektestinstance2022 instance. You're signed in with an AWS account that was provided by AISPL. These accounts cannot create Amazon Connect instances. Sign in using an account provided by AWS, and then try to create an instance. Please contact support if you need further assistance."

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I share the following sites that may be helpful regarding errors in AISPL. [1] [2] [3]

[1] Understand the differences between AWS and AISPL accounts

[2] I am unable to create Amazon connect instance on free tier - Stack Overflow
----- excerpt -----
You might be able to create a non-AISPL AWS account by specifying a different address.
----- excerpt -----

[3] amazon-connect-admin-guide/ at master · awsdocs/amazon-connect-admin-guide
----- excerpt -----
Amazon Connect is not available to customers in India using Amazon Web Services through Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL). You will receive an error message if you try to create an instance in Amazon Connect.
----- excerpt -----

From the above, it appears that the AISPL AWS account cannot create an Amazon Connect instance.

As a solution, there seems to be a way to use a non-AISPL AWS account, so please try it if possible.

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answered 17 days ago

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