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Are the numbers describing the AWS Support pricing tiers exclusive or inclusive?


On the AWS support comparison page there are some numbers given to describe the price of support:

For example Enterprise support:

5% of monthly AWS usage from $500K–$1M Or 3% of monthly AWS usage over $1M

For the first bracket, a client of AWS may be charged $1M x 5% = $50,000 In the second bracket they may be charged $1M x 3% = $30,000

A difference of $20,000.

Which tier would I be charged for were I to use exactly $1M worth of services?

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Hi there

The support plans are priced in brackets (like tax brackets if you are familiar with how USA income tax works) so if you spent $1MM your support costs would be

$15k (10% * 150,000)
+ $24.5k (7% of 350,000) 
+ $25k (5% of 500,000)
= $64,500

See another example here

Enterprise Support Plan Pricing Example

For $1.2M in monthly AWS charges:

$150,000 x 10% = $15,000

(10% of first $0 - $150K of charges)

+ $350,000 x 7% = $24,500

(7% of charges from $150K - $500K)

+ $500,000 x 5% = $25,000

(5% of charges from $500K - $1M)

+ $200,000 x 3% = $6,000

(3% of charges over $1M)


Total = $70,500

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answered 2 months ago
  • +1 to this. It's a tiered pricing. Similar to S3, where you pay one fee for the first $X monthly spend, and anything above that amount will be charged a different a lower fee. I like the comparison with the tax brackets! It works the same with a lot of other countries. I will use this comparison as well :)

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