Domain Verification REVOCATION WARNING despite presence of TXT record,


On Jan 20th I created the required TXT record and verified my domain. I received a verified status.

Then on Jan 28th I received a warning that the verification would be revoked because the TXT record was no longer present. I double checked and figured maybe it was a temporary connectivity issue at Amazon or something.

Then on Feb 2nd I received a REVOCATION CONFIRMATION!!! My domain is registered and DNS hosted at Route 53 so I logged in and ran the "Test Record Set" process and received a perfect reply. My DNS Zones have not been updated since Jan 20th... So I successfully verified, didn't change a thing, and then got revoked.....Help!

I also added a screenshot of some random external DNS test tool on the internet and it was able to resolve the TXT record no problem. I really think this is a problem on the AWS side of things.

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Finally figured it out. Domain verification is BY REGION. So I had initially verified in Oregon West and then learned that for the certificate feature I wanted I had to do it in Virginia East.

So my domain IS still verified in the region I need it in, and has been revoked in the region I do not need it in.

This information is in the emails from Amazon, as it says right in the subject line
"...for in region US West (Oregon)"

So, my bad, but I saw a couple other posts on this subject so thought I should leave this here for the next person who makes this same oversight.

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