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I've created RDS Sql Server Agent Scheduled Jobs with the role 'SQLAGENTUSERROLE' and configured RDS to publish agent logs to Cloud Watch Console but the Logs were not getting published in the console. Does It publish logs only for the user with sysadmin role?

Do I need anything else to be done for publishing agent logs to cloud watch?

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SQLAGENTUSERROLE is not used to publish the logs to Cloudwatch it rather acts as an agent to manage certain administrative tasks, you can refer Using SQL Server Agent to understand what tasks are supported. Please note since RDS is a managed service it can restrict to perform certain administrative actions.

You can publish RDS MS SQL agent logs to Cloudwatch which is achieved using a service linked IAM role, refer Specifying the logs to publish to CloudWatch Logs and Publishing SQL Server logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs for more information on it.

Hope it helps and if it does, I would appreciate if answer can be accepted so that community can benefit for clarity when searching for similar enquirers in Repost, thank you ;)

answered 2 months ago

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