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Quicksight API for Refreshing a dataset


Is there a quicksight api (REST or any other) available to refresh a dataset? I looked at the API reference guide and did not find on to refresh a dataset. There are API's available to create/update/delete datasets, but none to refresh it:

Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Answers

It isn't listed in the API guide link above but try -

$ aws quicksight create-ingestion help

NAME create-ingestion -

DESCRIPTION Creates and starts a new SPICE ingestion on a dataset

This blog -, has the following snippet in the Cloud Formation Template .

      def create_ingestion(account_id, data_set_ids):
'Creating the SPICE ingestions')

          for data_set_id in data_set_ids:
              dt_string ="%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")
              ingestion_id = dt_string + '-' + data_set_id

                  response = quicksight.create_ingestion(AwsAccountId=account_id, DataSetId=data_set_id,

        'Created ingestion for dataset {} with an ingestion id of {}.'.format(data_set_id, ingestion_id))

              except quicksight.exceptions.ResourceNotFoundException as rnfe:
                  logger.error('Dataset with id {} not found. {}'.format(data_set_id, rnfe))
                  return False
answered 4 months ago
  • please see the other answer for details on the API reference


it is available here - (under "QuickSight API Operations to Refresh SPICE Data (SPICE Ingestion)" section )

answered 4 months ago
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