Cannot create Glue Crawlers/Jobs due to Account denied access.


Hello, I cannot create Glue Crawlers/Jobs because of following error: Enter image description here

Also I tried to do it programatically and received the following error:

  "errorMessage":"Account 12345679000 is denied access.", "type":"AwsServiceError"
  • Couple of months ago everything worked fine.
  • I use Administrator role so I would exclude IAM problems.
  • I am using eu-central-1 region.

Having searched for similar issues and proposed solutions (similar post), I tried to contact AWS Support twice from the account where this happens and I was told that I need to upgrade my support plan to get technical support. Basically I cannot use this service and do I have to upgrade support plan to get it unlocked or at least provided the reason why it is blocked?

I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

1 Answer

hello there, I had same error like you

already add these policy to my role role policy

but, it still can't create crawler

answered 2 months ago
  • Thank you for reply. I hope it will contribute to drawing attention to the problem.

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