Is it a best practice to archive all active findings for Access Analyzer on a new Control Tower setup?


I am working through the Cloud Environment Guide Workshop in preparation for an upcoming customer Immersion Day. The Control Tower has been deployed with the various best practices recommended by the Workshop. I have reached the step where I run the Access Analyzer, and it has about 20 Active Findings such as delegated permissions and similar. Since this is a new setup, and all of the changes have been recommended as best practices by AWS, should I tell my customer to Archive all of the Active Findings so they can start off with a clean slate?

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The part of the workshop demonstrate how customer can use other AWS services that help them monitor and secure AWS Control Tower resources. The IAM Access Analyser lab is to demonstrate how customer can get ready the environment for external audit. Customer can run this portion of the workshop in a test environment.

answered 2 years ago

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