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AWS Opensearch - stuck in processing


I've created a Amazon OpenSearch Service( was working good quite a few months. But suddenly the instance went to red status after that it didn't become yellow. I've increased the instance type it was still in processing state and didn't recover it is already two day in processing state and also I'm not able to reach (giving 502 bad gateway error)

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1 Answer

There could be many reason for a Red Amazon Opensearch domain. Some examples:

  • Multiple data node failures
  • Using a corrupt or red shard for an index
  • High JVM memory pressure or CPU utilization
  • Low disk space or disk skew

Please note that is not recommended to reconfigure your domain until you first resolve the red cluster status. If you are able in term of support level, i suggest to open a ticket. moreover, take a look at the below resources:

Hope this helps!

answered 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago

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