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I've created an appstream instance for our users to login into and use an application. I have set the login to "desktop" view as I need the users to be able to complete various tasks within the desktop session. One of those tasks include copying data from the root of the C:\ drive. Is there a way I can associate users as being local administrator so that they don't just see a home and temporary folder. I need them to see the full volume of the C:\ drive.

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While the user cannot be made a local admin, the user can explore C: by specifying it in Windows Explorer. The local drive is only hidden, not entirely suppressed.

answered a year ago
  • Windows explorer (file explorer) doesn't allow you to search, look at or reference anything outside of the Home, Downloads and temporary files folder. Therefore, it's not possible to see the full C:\ even when you untick "hidden files".

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