Can I use the NICE DCV connection gateway to 'proxy' DCV client connections without defining a 'web resources' component?


I have experimented with the NICE DCV connection gateway and session manager. The last step of connecting with a DCV client through the gateway is not working as I thought it should work. The gateway always tries to load web assets from a 'web resources' url, but I am not using a browser to connect. Leaving out the 'web resources' from the gateway configuration is not possible, it won't start without it. I have described my setup and configuration steps here

Any idea where to look?

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the connection gateway should not download anything from the "web-resources" url unless the webclient is used. But unfortunately, the web-resources section was mandatory in gateway versions prior to 2022.0-322, even if the user did not need to use the webclient. This has been fixed in version 2022.0-322, and now the web-resources section can be omitted. In your case, the gateway was trying to access the endpoint in web-resources as a fallback, because you are trying to connect without an authentication token, which is not supported for now by the DCV gateway.

In order to use the DCV session manager with the DCV connection gateway, there are a few additional steps to do: ​

Additional configuration step:

​Configure the DCV server to use the DCV session manager broker as external authenticator, as explained here

Additional steps to construct the URL when connecting

  • Call the GetSessionConnectionData API of the DCV session manager broker to retrive the ​ConnectionToken to connect to a given session

  • Construct the URL to connect to as:



  • dcv-connection-gateway-url is the DCV connection gateway URL
  • connection-token is the ConnectionToken returned by the GetSessionConnectionData API
  • session-id is the session id you want to connect to
answered 2 years ago

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