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Use S3 as a git repo


I have a sagemaker notebook that has no connections to internet or codecommit but has access to 1 s3 bucket. I would like to use that 1 s3 bucket as a place to house git repos, ideally I would like to be able to pull/push to repos in that bucket from other sagemaker notebooks or ec2 instances that have connections to that bucket. Has anyone tried this before?

2 Answers

Hi! I believe from AWS we don't have an official solution for this strategy. The are some solutions out there like you could use if you can upload the latest release to the S3 bucket and install it on your notebook. Hope this helps!

answered 2 months ago
  • Interesting choice, it doesn't seem to deal with credentials well. It won't take my credentials from my notebook. But maybe there is some poking around that can be done.

  • Those are all connecting code commit to my notebook which I can't do since I can't modify the execution role.

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