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Red Hat Linux EC-2 clock randomly resets to UTC 0 after timedatectl used to change Timezone


Hi everyone,

I'm having problems with server time zones resetting to UTC 0, I had been requested to manually change a fleet of EC2 Linux servers (Red Hat) to UTC -5.

I ran timedatectl set-timezone America/Jamaica, restarted the timedatectl service and confirmed the clock had actually changed to UTC-5.

This all seemed fine until a few days later some servers began to randomly revert to UTC 0, does anyone know a definitive way to keep the servers timezones from reverting ?

Thanks in advance!

1 Answers

I've faced similar issue once in centos Linux earlier, as time-zone was changing to UTC at midnight, I've setup a cron daily to set the timezone back post midnight p.s timedatectl service doesn't require restart , it set instantly in centos/ubuntu, not sure about redhat.

answered a month ago

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