Any one has experience on CloudWatch with Zabbix?


A customer is using Zabbix monitoring AWS resources like EC2, they are asking whether our CloudWatch can send alerts to Zabbix? Is there any one who have experience on that?

Thank you.

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I've used Zabbix extensively at a previous company.

Zabbix collects 'items' which are usually datapoint on a server (eg: available memory in MB at x time). This would be the same as a CloudWatch Metric. Those items are evaluated against a criteria that is defined in Zabbix, and an 'Alert' is generated. Alerts can then trigger Events like notifications etc.

Generally an integration can take two approaches:

  1. Send all CloudWatch Metrics to Zabbix, and allow Zabbix to create your Alerts.
  2. Configure your Alerts in CloudWatch and send them to Zabbix as Items that trigger an Alert.

Both will require some heavy lifting. A general approach for Option 1:

  1. Use the Zabbix auto discovery process to configure the receiving Host, and Item keys to match the values in CloudWatch. You could cobble this together using both the CloudWatch API to gather inventory and the Zabbix API to do configuration.
  2. Build a gathering process that gathers metrics from CloudWatch using an API call and sends them to Zabbix using the 'zabbix_sender' library.
  3. Configure your Alerts and Events as you normally would within Zabbix.

General approach for Option 2:

  1. Configure CloudWatch to evaluate your metrics and create an Alert.
  2. Tie the alerts action to something that will trigger a zabbix_sender (probably Lambda).
  3. Use autodisocvery to configure the listener Host / Item key in Zabbix and trigger an Alert as soon as a single Item is received.

There's a handful of projects on Github that do either of these two approaches. I don't think either is 'right' or 'wrong'. Really depends where you want to manage the evaluation of your Metrics/Items - In Zabbix or in CloudWatch. If they are a Zabbix shop they will probably want to use Zabbix and Option 1 is the best bet for them.

For the very ambitious a fork of the virtual machine monitoring processes for Zabbix to work against CloudWatch rather than the vCenter SDK would be ideal:

answered 6 years ago

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