How to access Amplify Hosting Rewrite & Redirect rules via AWS Cli


Is there a way I can use AWS Cli to access the Amplify Hosting and Rewrite rules? I would like to grab the list and re-sequence the rules.

The problem is that when a Preview Environment is spun up, they add a cloudfront rule on the top which over rides my custom rules. Or if there's a way during the post-build process from the amplify.yml to push the auto generated cloudfront rewrite rules to the bottom of the rewrite rules would work as well.

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Yes, you can use the AWS CLI to access the Amplify Hosting and Rewrite rules using the get-app CLI command. Please refer the below document for the same.


In order to change or re-sequence your rules, you can re-sequence the rules directly in the Rewrites and redirects page in your Amplify App settings.

If you want to change or re-sequence the rules through AWS CLI you would need to write all the re-sequenced rules once again. You can refer the below document for updating the rewrites and redirects rules through the AWS CLI.


Regarding the CloudFront rule, I believe that you are using a Next.js SSR app as the CloudFront rule is getting added at the top. So, the CloudFront rules which are created is an expected behaviour and this shouldn't affect the Next.js app. But, incase if you have any app related issue with this behaviour you can reach out to us.

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