GameLift server processes metrics intermittently higher than configured concurrent processes



Our fleet is configured to run a single instance with 4 Concurrent processes. However, the metrics for Active server processes, Healthy server processes, Available game sessions, and Concurrent activatable game sessions all intermittently bounce up to 8 and back down to 4. There's no traffic on this fleet at all during this time, it's idle.

Here's a screenshot:

Active server processes metric

I logged into the instance and ran ps to check the actual processes, and there's only 4 as expected, and all of their start times match the start time of the instance, so I don't think processes are stopping and starting during this time.

What could be causing this?

We're using GameLift SDK version 5.1.1, for reference.



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Hi Allan!

Are you still experiencing these issues with your GameLift Anywhere fleet metrics? We recently released some improvements to our internal processes for publishing those metrics, and I'm wondering if those improvements may have resolved this issue for you. If you're still experiencing the issue, could you provide a region and fleet ID that you're encountering this issue for?

answered 7 months ago
  • Hi Josh, we're still seeing this issue I'm afraid. It's not an Anywhere fleet, it's an On-Demand.

    Region: us-east-1 Fleet: fleet-7425f2ae-d672-4eb8-ad6c-8c8ea99e065b

    Note that we have an active support ticket for that same fleet for a different issue (just to make sure you don't step on each other). That case ID is 14216530981, in case it helps.

    Thanks! Allan

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