Default Lambda concurrent executions value only 50



I have created new AWS Org and some sub-accounts, and noticed that each account, by default, only had 50 concurrent executions applied. I was under impression that default quota is 1000

Why only 50 was applied?


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"A few new" is interesting amount, as in pass few months I have setup 10+ new accounts, and ALL OF THEM have 50 by default.

I now asked support increase to 100 on one of the accounts. I still can't edit Lambda's Reserve concurrency, it just says "The unreserved account concurrency can't go below 100." Before, error was "The unreserved account concurrency can't go below 50." I tried defining concurrency on account,where value is 1000, no any error comes.

Am I right, that actually minimum available unreserved account concurrency is 100? If 100 is minimum, why in first place only 50 was applied on accounts?

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  • I experience the same issue with 3 different accounts from 3 different companies/employers

  • I hit this and several other limits which are well below the default limits on dozens of new accounts all within the same AWS Org over the past year. It really impedes our development since we need to request and wait up to a week for these increases to standard levels to be processed. This is really a pain... why are the account defaults not the standards?


Per documentations, "A few new AWS accounts might start out with limits that are lower than these defaults. AWS monitors usage and raises your limits automatically based on your usage.".

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  • The auto-increase limit logic seems broken/buggy. I'm unable to configure lambda provisioned concurrency since the limit is set to 50 and the UnreservedConcurrentExecution is also set to 50. This is on two accounts that are ~9 months old and have been very active. Have experience weird limits with every single account we have created in our AWS Org (45 total accounts).

    Waiting on support to increase limits now....

    Fixing this issue would have eliminated the need for dozens of AWS support requests from my org alone. Can we get this fixed somehow?

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