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Hello forum, I have a solutions architect question that need to be solved with some queuing strategy.

An external party sends us bursts of HTTP POST messages in a very quick rate of 15,000 per second. Our backend is not able to process all those messages at that speed. We need to receive them at 10 per second.

What would be the best option to slow down the speed of those messages?

Thank you for any feedback.

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Hi, the expected answer is most likely an SQS queue, but if you can only process 10 per second those 15,000-message bursts better not happen more often than every 1,500 seconds! Also SQS messages are limited to 256KB each. And if processing order needs to be preserved or duplicates removed, it would need to be a FIFO SQS queue not a standard one with "at least once" delivery.

answered a year ago
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  • Thank you for your answer. No, those bursts don't happen more than once an hour and each message is only a few bytes.


The answer was actually easier than I originally thought. We just configured the receiving NGINX server to send 429 (Too many requests) after X messages/s.

answered a year ago

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