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About DMS migration from ms-sql to dynamodb


hlw Sir,

I am doing the migration process From ms-sql on prime server to AWS dynamodb but after the migration of 400 tables it shows fail. the reason is primary key so please help me and tell me the process how can i migrate the data without create any primary key..It is not migration ms-sql tables which doesn't have primary key to aws dynamodb using DMS. If there any work around to achieve that.

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Hi there,

I think your question is whether or not AWS DMS support migration of MS-SQL database tables which does not have primary keys. From their documentation, yes you can migrate from MS-SQL Server containing tables that have no primary keys. Since DynamoDB uses a composite primary key you will have to identify two attributes that will form this primary key from your source tables when preparing your data for migration. Please refer to the following walk-through on how to migrate data from SQL Server to DynamoDB.

I hope this helps

answered 22 days ago

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