CloudFront - One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource



I have a situation where there is a CloudFront distribution in one AWS account and Route53 in another AWS account (not related in AWS), then I do the following:

  1. I switch CNAME in Route53 to use CloudFront distribution - everything works on HTTP (both through CloudFront domain name and through the Route53 domain name)
  2. I configure CloudFront to use SSL Certificate - everything works while saving (but there is error on HTTPS - 503)
  3. I update 'Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs) on CloudFront - I get an error while trying to Save One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource. (Service: AmazonCloudFront; Status Code: 409; Error Code: CNAMEAlreadyExists;

Which would suggest that CloudFront sees a CloudFront distribution (itself) already configured in the CNAME and fails.

Any suggestions how to go around this are appreciated!

  • I have deleted all my cloudfront distributions still I am facing same issue why ? I want to delete a certificate also . It is showing used in cloudfront resources . but I have no distribution

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It sounds like there is another distribution created with the same (or an overlapping) CNAME configured - this could be the same or in any AWS account.

You should check your CloudFront resources, as well as any other services that may create a cloudfront distribution on your behalf (such as API Gateway).

Failing that, reach out to support with more specific information and they'll be able to provide more specific guidance.

answered 4 years ago
  • For me, it was an old AWS Amplify app that I had created while following a tutorial on YouTube. If anyone else has this issue you may need to delete an app you suspect has the same CNAME.

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