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Can someone please help me solve this issue when i try to mount EFS on my EC2 instance running amazon linux.

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It looks like you may be having issues with missing credentials. If you have your access key and secret access key you can import them temporarily using the following command below and replacing the example values with your respect values that correspond to your account:

$ export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-west-2

Setting the environment variable changes the value used until the end of your shell session, or until you set the variable to a different value. You can make the variables persistent across future sessions by setting them in your shell's startup script.

You can also permanently configure your accounts credentials so it can help you avoid credential issues in the future by running the aws config command in the doc listed below:

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  1. First verify if EC2 instance where you are mounting EFS have permission to access EFS. If you have role attached to EC2, attach permission to that role. Otherwise create new role with permission and attached role to EC2 instance.
  2. make sure Security group of EFS allows access to EC2 Security group.
  3. If above two requirement are there, follow :
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  • Can you please elaborate on the first point. I do not understand what you mean by role attached to EC2 and permission attached to role. I am pretty new to AWS.

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