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/S3 To Glacier Lifecycle configuration - preventing billing shock/

S3 To Glacier Lifecycle configuration - preventing billing shock


Hi Team Is there a way to receive a notification when someone adds a rule in S3 lifecycle configuration to transition objects to Glacier ?

A client configured the rule to reduce S3 costs and had a billing shock due to very large number of small objects. They are trying to prevent such incident in future.

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Accepted Answer

Cloudwatch events gives the option to setup "PutBucketLifecycle" notification.

{ "source": "aws.s3" , "detail-type": "AWS API Call via CloudTrail" , "detail": { "eventSource": "" , "eventName": "PutBucketLifecycle" } }

Other option at more granular level you can try to setup CW alert on Cloudtrail -

Customer can setup a billing alert as well on overall cost across all the services.

answered 2 years ago

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