List all running Sagemaker or other instances in AWS CLI


Recently with another office account, I have seen hidden instances were running and creating unwanted cost in sagemaker, is there any way to check all the running processes/instances using AWS CLI. I got many answers which suggest to go to Billing page, but that is not my objective. I want to immediately find out which instances are running so that I can stop them immediately.

Are there any best practices for this?

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I see a warning about this here:

When you shutdown the Studio notebook instances, any additional resources, such as SageMaker endpoints, Amazon EMR clusters, and Amazon S3 buckets created from Studio are not deleted. Delete those resources to stop accrual of charges.

Why can't we see these and shut them down from Studio? I was being charged unknowingly until I got a bill.

answered a year ago

You can either use CLI or AWS Config advance queries. With CLI you can use list-notebook-instances which Returns a list of the SageMaker notebook instances in the requester’s account in an Amazon Web Services Region. Reference :

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answered a year ago

Same here, I can't identify where to stop whatever is consuming the hosting of one instance ml.g5.2xlarge hourly. This should be a lot easier to do in AWS, we're talking about wasted resources that are difficult for the user to stop.

answered a month ago

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