How to use Resource Tags to track spend incurring with Savings Plan and Reserved Instances?


Hi, We incur 80% monthly cost for EC2 and RDS services used in our account. We have procured multiple Savings and RI plan on our account too for optimizing the spend. We have configured resource tags (eg: Environment: Prod, Non-Prod; Country: Country1, Country2, etc) on all our EC2 and RDS instances & same are configured in Cost allocation tags. In the Cost explorer section, we can see the detailed breakup of cost using 'Services' as filter criteria, but when we try to use these Tags to track spending by each resource tag, it does not work and shows most of the amount as 'No-tag' category.

Fyi: We have multiple NURI and No-Upfront Savings plan in our account.

What steps can we follow to track the spending distributed across these custom tags?

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Try switching between Unblended vs Amortized cost (on the bottom right side of Cost Explorer options - under "Advanced" options, below the filters).

When you view your bill as Unblended cost, you look at it the way you'd see it on the invoice (monthly invoices that you pay to AWS). This would include any charges for RI/SP that you either pay upfront, or on a monthly basis (in case with partial or no upfront option).

But when you view bill as Amortized cost, it's taking that fee for RI/SP and spreading it across the usage of running resources, based on where that RI/SP discount was applied. If you were to search for the same in the Cost and Usage Report, this would be called the "effective cost", and you would see multiple columns related to either RI or SP effective cost.

With amortized view, you should be able to group your usage by tags, or filter out relevant tags, as needed.

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answered a year ago

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