AMI creation stuck at pending status



I'm trying to create an AMI from an EC2 instance, but the creation is stuck at pending status. Could you please help? Thanks much!!

ami id: ami-0fd830b5bf57a56cc
instance id: i-0b9423d4375153329

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2 Answers

All the sudden, it's OK now, it should take a long time. Sorry about this.

answered 2 years ago

Hello there

Thanks for reaching out to forum support.

Please note that there is no SLA when it comes to AMI creation. AMI creation involves creating snapshots and snapshot creation time depends on various factors like

  1. If its first snapshot, it would definitely take longer time.
  2. If there are too many changes done at the volume side.

Im glad that issue is fixed. Let me know if you have additional queries :)

answered 2 years ago

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