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Hello Guys, We are working on architecture for web application. We currently have three servers in our design - web server ( front end), application server ( backend) and database - all hosted on Amazon EC2. However, we thought of leveraging Amazon light Sail instead of EC2. Our proposed web application will angular based and going to have dynamic reports with option to steam live video with approximately 10k users accessing the video streaming. Please advise if Amazon light Sail will be suitable for this kind of operations or need to go with EC2?

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The following official AWS website provides a comparison of EC2 and Lightsail. [1]

[1] Compare Amazon EC2 and Amazon Lightsail

Since your application seems to do video streaming, it seems to me that you would need a reasonable specification.

Also, you may need to consider scalability, etc., so EC2 is probably a better choice.
However, we do not know the specific performance requirements of your application, so please consider verifying this if necessary.

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answered 2 months ago

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